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Frequently Asked Questions

What covid precautions are being taken at your shop?
During these difficult times we are committed to both keeping a sense of normalcy and happiness alive as well as serving you with high levels of cleanliness and safety.
-We are not doing any dine in services
-Face coverings are required at all times by staff and clients in the shop.
-We maintain a clean work environment and have cleanliness protocols for hygiene.
-We offer touch-less payment options
-There is minimal handling of our product before it gets into your hands.
Do you offer dairy free options?
We do! We always have at least two options. We always have our now legendary chocolate sorbet, which is a rich and creamy dairy free, egg free, gluten free option as well as our seasonal sorbet or non dairy ice cream
Do you ship?
Unfortunately at the moment we only deliver in San Francisco through online delivery platforms, but keep in touch, as we would love to be able to ship nationally in the near future.
Where do you deliver?
We currently deliver in the San Francisco area through third party applications: Grubhub, Uber Eats, Post Mates and Door Dash. Look under the Services tab on our menu bar to order.
Where can I find upcoming flavors?
The best way is to join our mailing list where we send out monthly newsletters. You'll get access to upcoming flavors, events and specials.
You can also follow us on Instagram for a glimpse of what we are working on.
Do you cater?
Absolutely! Our outfitted 1970s VW buses make for a show stopping catering experience. We do all sorts of parties and events: Weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, birthdays, Corporate events, festivals etc. We can customize the experience for the particularities of your needs.  Check out the catering option under the services  tab on our menu to get a quote and see pictures.
Do you sell gift cards?
Yes we do. You can come into the shop for a physical gift card or buy an e-gift card here on our website under the shop button on our menu.
How often do your flavors change?
We do four new rotational flavors per month. Since their popularity and yield may differ slightly there is often some overlap at the beginning and end of the months. But a flavor generally stays in rotation for about 1 month once it makes its debut.
What's in your ice cream?
Our ice cream is based on fresh, simple ingredients. Milk, cream, eggs and sugar as a principle base. What ever the flavor is, we use the real thing. Mint ice cream? we use over 10lbs of fresh mint leaves per batch. Coffee? We pasteurize, steep and chill our ice cream base with actual French Roast coffee beans. Etc. Etc.
Is your ice cream organic?
We are very ingredient conscious and do our best to go organic when we can and where it really counts. While some of our produce and ingredients are organic, not all of our ingredients are. We prioritize utilizing local farms and businesses that have like-minded philosophies, but might not be certified organic due to financial limitations for example.
Our milk that we use has no Rbst, antibiotics or growth hormones.
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